Keep it simple


I love those meerkats – Aleksandr and Sergei. Before they found fame, was the 16th most visited insurance site in the UK. But they proved so popular that the site became the 4th most visited. It increased market share by 76%, where competitors’ share fell by up to 30%.

All very well, but what do they know about coaching? In a word, ‘simples’.

It’s too easy for us as coaches to over-complicate things. So the advice we give to learners on our courses is:

·        Ask simple open questions

·        Remember ‘Hai’ – the Japanese word for ‘yes’ and much more – nod, encourage

·        Focus on summarising your understanding and not on thinking about your next question

·        Be curious – probe further, particularly the ‘inner game’

·        You could ask;

what’s the impact on you?”

 “what if things don’t change?”

·        Be comfortable with silence – your coachee is working things out

·        Slow your pace – it says ‘take your time’

·        80:20  – coach listening to coachee talking (less than 20% is better still)

·        Stay with ‘Reality’ – the now, the situation; and don’t chase solutions. This may be the first time your coachee has explored to this depth.


Simples! Meerkat