Motorpoint – it’s all about change

Motorpoint is the UK’s leading car supermarket, selling over 40,000 new and nearly new low mileage cars per annum. Founded in 1998, Motorpoint employs over 600 staff across nine sites in Birmingham, Burnley, Chingford, Derby, Glasgow, Newport, Peterborough, Widnes and Birtley.  A new site in Castleford is scheduled to open in March 2016.

Over the last few years Motorpoint has embarked on a programme of change to create a pressure-free sales environment that places the customer at the centre of everything that it does as a company.

The main aims of the programme were simple and straightforward:

  • To improve customer service
  • To value the customer
  • To achieve value for money for the customer
  • To gain repeat business from customers
  • To be recommended to new customers

Clare Bell, Learning and Development Manager for Motorpoint told us:

“In order to support our managers, lead our growth plans and manage people effectively, Motorpoint introduced a People Management  ‘Know How’ training programme for managers at all sites and a talent pool programme for team members. The latter identifies talented individuals (at whatever level) in order to develop them further through training and create a pipeline of capable individuals ready to take up future management roles.In order to deliver these programmes effectively, we  required a series of training solutions that dovetailed  with these courses to support the culture change.”

Clare continued: “I work hard to identify experts who can support us in the delivery of our management development programmes.  It’s also important to me to build strong working relationships with our providers and that they feel part of our L&D team.  new habits has similar values to our organisation, they listen and offer effective solutions.”

The solution

Connor (2)new habits had previously designed and delivered a Project Management course for Motorpoint which was lively and participative and tailored to meet the needs of staff who work in both the sales environment and other areas. The relationship with Motorpoint was therefore well established and Clare was confident that new habits had the solution to meet their needs. In fact the relationship was so good with Liz Moor, our Senior Consultant, that Clare bought the same breed of dog as her! (Connor and George – both Norfolk terriers)

Working closely together, new habits and Motorpoint developed material to deliver the ‘Know How’ programme and the Talent Pool programme.

The Talent Pool work started in May 2014 with the first of a series of bite-size chunks including modules from new habits on:

  • Time Management
  • Planning, Decision Making and Problem Solving
  • Team Spirit

This work continued in 2015 with new habits’ highly successful coaching programme.

new habits involvement with the ‘Know How’ programme kicked off in January 2015 with a half day coaching course covering all but one of the Motorpoint sites around the UK.

The results

The half day coaching course has been a great success and people have been engaged and feel empowered as a result of it.

Some comments from delegates:

“I enjoyed the exercises and gaining knowledge about listening skills”  – Eddi (Birmingham)

“The event has made me understand the difference between pull/push listening and feedback”  Richard (Burnley)

“Learning the most effective ways of coaching was very useful as I’ve never had it explained before”

“It will help in coaching my star performers to the next level” – Matt (Derby)

“This was a great refresher to remind me of the value of coaching” Ian (Derby)

“Enjoyed the whole event – very beneficial for me and my coachees”

“I wished I had done the training before assuming my current role!” James (Derby)

As a result Motorpoint feel the results speak for themselves. They have:

  • A more engaged workforce
  • An enhanced people development programme
  • The ability to spot staff potential
  • Better staff retention

The future

Clare summed it up by saying, “new habits are definitely part of the Motorpoint L&D family and they will continue to work with us to support our management development programmes. I also really enjoy our shared interest in the joys of owning a Norfolk Terrier!”